Corine Hillebrand with her children, June 2000

Corine Hillebrand with her children, June 2000
Caption: Corine Hillebrand, second from right, sits with her children, Heather, Gabriel and Alida, left to right, with just a few of the water containers they used in their Ann Arbor home. Their well was contaminated by a chemical used at Gelman Sciences.
Published in Issue: Ann Arbor News, June 25, 2000

Article Keywords: Dioxane Plume, Gelman Sciences Inc., Groundwater Contamination, Pall Gelman Dioxane Groundwater Contamination Cleanup History
People: Alida Hillebrand, Corine Hillebrand, Gabriel Hillebrand, Heather Hillebrand
Places: Dupont Circle
Photographer: Leisa Thompson
Date: June 2000

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