Bel Air Kar Wash

Bel Air Kar Wash
Caption: Bel Air Kar Wash: A grand opening is set this weekend at the new, $125,000 Bel Air Kar Wash firm of 633 S. Main St., which recently opened for business. The interior view shows the conveyor which pulls cars through automatic washing and rinsing cycles in two minutes. The large brushes quickly clean away dirt on cars' sides and top. The new firm is owned by Ronald E. Mitchell of Ypsilanti, who employs 25. Mitchell said his automatic equipment will wash a maximum of 170 cars per hour.
Published in Issue: Ann Arbor News, November 9, 1957

Article Keywords: Bel Air Kar Wash, Businesses, Car Washes
People: Ronald E. Mitchell
Places: 633 S. Main St.
Photographer: Eck Stanger
Date: November 1957

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