Brownies Making Easter Baskets at Mrs. Karsian's House, April, 1939

Brownies Making Easter Baskets at Mrs. Karsian's House, April, 1939
Caption: Brownie Pack Makes Easter Baskets: The group above of Brownies, little girls of the pre-Scout age enrolled in Girl scout activities, met yesterday with their leader, Mrs. Karl Karsian on Olivia Ave. to complete a basket-making project and fill the baskets for Easter. In the first row, left to right, are: Betty Lou Scovill, Dorothy Wynne, Marilyn Carl and Margery Nungester; second row: Mary Heald, Patsy Burhans, Janet Gast, Jean Abbott and Betty Burch; third row: Patricia Bush, Diana Lahde, Mrs. Karsian, Maxine Wolf and Diane Smith; and fourth row: Helen Ayres, Mary Helen Helfrich, Mary Elizabeth Schlect, Betty Ann Karsian, Mary Dolores Stermer and Djina Champion.
Published in Issue: Ann Arbor News, April 7, 1939

Article Keywords: Arts & Crafts, Children, Clubs & Organizations, Girl Scouts
People: Adelaide H. Karsian, Betty Ann Karsian, Betty Burch, Betty Lou Scovill, Diana Lahde, Diane Smith, Djina Champion, Dorothy Wynne, Helen Ayres, Janet Gast, Jean Abbott, Margery Nungester, Marilyn Carl, Mary Dolores Stermer, Mary Elizabeth Schlecht, Mary Heald, Mary Helen Helfrich, Maxine Wolf, Patricia Bush, Patsy Burhans
Places: 1231 Olivia Ave
Date: April 1939

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Brownie Pack Makes Easter Baskets



Those look like nice baskets


Ya gotta love 'em.