Dr. Jonas E. Salk and his family, April 1955

Dr. Jonas E. Salk and his family, April 1955
Caption: Dr. Salk and Family: Dr. Jonas E. Salk, perfecter of the polio vaccine that bears his name, was in Ann Arbor today with his family for the report on the vaccine's effectiveness. Elven-year-old Peter (left), and eigth-year-old Darrell (right), were born in the University's old Maternity Hospital, headquarters of the Polio Evaluation Center. Seated at left is Jonathan, 5. Mrs. Salk (in doorway) is the former Donna Lindsay.
Published in Issue: Ann Arbor News, April 12, 1955

Article Keywords: Polio, Polio Vaccine
People: Darrell Salk, Donna Lindsay, Jonas E. Salk, Jonathan Salk, Peter Salk
Date: April 1955

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