Upcoming Events

Circle K Homework Help

Need help with homework? Students in grades K–12 can get homework help at AADL, provided by volunteers for the University of Michigan chapter of Circle K. No appointment necessary — just drop by!

CANCELLED: Ypsilanti as an African-American City with Local Historian Matt Siegfried

Due to circumstances beyond our control, this event has been cancelled.

We hope to reschedule at a future date, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Sensation Stations

Drop in for sensory fun!

Young children can engage their senses by scooping, pouring, shaking, and sorting a variety of materials, and will learn about colors, shapes, textures, and sounds!

The Foundations of Self-Publishing

Do you have a desire to write your own novel, but don't quite know where to get started? Local author Emlyn Chand is the founder and president of Novel Publicity, a company that provides marketing, editing, and design services for all authors, regardless of their paths to publication.

During this session she will provide insight into how to hone your writing craft, make writing a priority, navigate self-publishing, identify and promote your author brand, and stand out in a crowded market.

Emlyn has published fiction across multiple genres and writes for youth to adult audiences. Emlyn’s first novel, Farsighted, won the prestigious Writer’s Digest Self-Published Novel of the Year award in 2012 for the YA category. The majority of her books have been published under her pseudonym Emlyn Chand, but she has recently started releasing books in her legal name, Melissa Storm.

JUST BABIES! with Denise Owens

Denise Owens of KinderMusik will lead this music, rhyme, and touch program for babies to pre-walkers.

No siblings, please

Date with a Book

We'll set up a room similar to what you might expect at those "speed dating" events that are all the rage these days, but instead of people, you'll be dating books!

We'll have tables set up with popular books from each genre, and you'll have 4 minutes to "date" them before moving on to the next table. You never know - maybe that historical fiction novel you never would have picked up yourself will pique your interest, or perhaps a romance novel will shatter your preconceived notions about them.

Enjoy some light refreshments and meet the book of your dreams!

Geometric Paper Lanterns

Every home has a dim corner. Brighten it up with a colorful, glowing piece of art!

Young Rembrandts: Power of Drawing - Fine Art & Design

A traditional Japanese garment, the kimono, was worn on special occasions with identifying colors and patterns. After we learn about the history of the different designs of this Japanese ceremonial attire, we will create our own kimono with its unique, individual pattern. This will be a creative study of symmetry, color combinations, and decorative motif.

“The Power of Drawing!” classes return to the library this winter, grounded once again in using problem solving and technical drawing skills, our new lessons are built around 3 different basic drawing foundations: design, cartooning, and fine art. We will study design as a form of visual problem solving as we learn how a concept or message can be communicated through color and the relationship of forms. How can we create a graphic composition that helps find a visual solution? How do we create signs and symbols as forms of design that represent thoughts or objects? How do we use animation and cartooning as forms of visual storytelling, sequencing, and the expression of figurative and facial emotion? How does exaggeration help us to "draw feelings"? How do we learn how to create a sense of movement and action that makes us laugh as well? And finally, we learn how fine art is a way to personally express the vital and foundational skills of visual expression as it relates to our personal style. How do we use color, technique, and form to create a world of color, line, texture as only we see it? How do we learn to use the technical skills of drawing to create a piece of art that we can call our own?

Valentine's Day Houses

Come celebrate cupid's holiday by crafting sweet Valentine houses.

GameStart Workshop: Roblox Programming

You love Roblox, you've done a little scripting, and you've published games using your Roblox account. Let's take a deeper dive!

This course explores the finer points of Roblox Game Development, including iterated design, player experience, and of course, more scripting.