Upcoming Events

French Macarons 101

Keegan C. Rodgers, Head Baker at the People's Food Co-Op, leads this hands-on and lively workshop on how to make macarons!

In this class, students will learn all about how to make French macarons. The ingredients, instructions, and proper storage will all be covered in this hands-on class.

This event is in partnership with the People's Food Co-Op and is part of an ongoing cooking & baking series.

Shadow Puppetry: Dialogue Between the Light and the Shadow With Dr. Yi -Feng Chiu

Explore the art of shadow puppetry and learn about the history of the art form around the globe and in Taiwan at a talk by Dr. Yi-Feng Chiu.

Dr. Chiu, with academic training in Chinese literature, is a professor of Creative Product Design at Ling Tung University. His extensive research has led to many publications and articles in newspapers and magazines on shadow plays and puppet theaters.

This program is in conjunction with the October 2 Downtown Library performance of the Yung Shing Le Shadow Puppet Theatre Troupe Of Taiwan, and is made possible through a partnership with the Michigan Taiwanese American Organization, the Taipei Culture Center in New York, Detroit Institutes of Arts/Friends of Asian Arts and Culture, Ann Arbor District Library, and the U-M Stearns Collection of Musical Instruments.

Kinder Concert

Learn about the harp from Maurice Draughn and the piano from Kathryn Goodson, and listen, dance, and hear a story with Gari Stein.

Enjoy the music of the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra!

Another Kinder Concert session will be offered at 11:00 am.

Kinder Concert

Learn about the harp from Maurice Draughn and the piano from Kathryn Goodson, and listen, dance, and hear a story with Gari Stein.

Enjoy the music of the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra!

Another Kinder Concert session is offered at 10:00 am.

Concert: The Maple Leaf Group

Join us for a performance by The Maple Leaf Group, a traditional Japanese music group from Fukuoka, southern Japan.

The Maple Leaf Group is comprised of Ms. Tachikawa, who is a koto instructor, and eight additional musicians. The instruments they will play are koto (Japanese harps), Shakuhachi flutes, three-stringed Shamisen (Japanese banjo), and a Shinobue flute.

Attendees will be treated to traditional Japanese music as well as American movie soundtracks.

Refugee Resettlement 101

Join us for an evening discussion, presented by Jewish Family Services of Washtenaw County, to learn more about the refugee vetting process and resettlement programs. This event will also cover JFS’s work in resettling refugees and is held in conjunction with their October exhibit at the Library, “Resettlement through the Eyes of Refugees,” a PhotoVoice exhibit.

You will also have an opportunity to view this exhibit which was created by refugees, highlighting the journey refugees face while acclimating to life in Washtenaw County.

Bright Nights Community Forum: Borderline Personality Disorder, Debunking Myths, and Improving Hope

Borderline Personality Disorder is a serious mental illness, but one that is sometimes not well understood by patients and families, clinicians, and society as a whole. It is perhaps the most stigmatized disorder in all of medicine, which creates confusion, poor outcomes, and a sense of hopelessness for everyone involved.

Borderline Personality Disorder affects an estimated 18 million Americans during their lifetimes, and causes numerous stressful symptoms, including unstable mood, suicidal and self-harm thoughts and behaviors, and chaotic relationships. While the disorder causes great distress, treatment varies widely and research is lacking.

To learn more about Borderline Personality Disorder, the University of Michigan Depression Center and the Ann Arbor District Library will present this Bright Nights community forum. Victor Hong, MD, Clinical Instructor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Michigan will give a brief presentation on Borderline Personality Disorder and its management, followed by a panel discussion.

Recent research indicates that the prognosis for those with Borderline Personality Disorder is much better than previously thought, and existing and emerging treatments have demonstrated significant efficacy. The role of medications in those treatments has been further elucidated, the role of families has been made clear, and a better understanding of how to manage safety concerns has developed

This event is a partnership with the University of Michigan Depression Center. For more information about the Depression Center, visit depressioncenter.org or contact Stephanie Salazar, 232-0330, or sawaters@umich.edu.

Pamirs on a Folding Bike

Stefan Koehler presents a look at his most recent bicycle trip following the Silk Road in Asia. He will share photos and stories about his trip, and also talk about the Silk Road and traveling in Asia.

Thinking of a bike trip? Stefan will share information about how to do a bicycle tour: what to bring, how to plan a route, where to stay, etc.

Stefan Koehler moved to Ann Arbor this May for a position with the Office of Technology Transfer with the University of Michigan, where he works with U-M faculty to protect and commercialize biomedical technologies.

Stefan grew up in Germany and moved to the US 16 years ago. He is a molecular biologist by training (University of Munich) and also holds an MBA (University of Wisconsin, Madison). Prior to his current position he taught entrepreneurship at the University of Wisconsin - Madison School of Business. Before, he led licensing and business development at a biotechnology company that was successfully sold.

Dia de la Familia

Join us for this annual family and Latino/a focused event!

This year’s Día de la Familia (Family Day) event features entertainment, games, crafts, food, and face painting. Health information addressing mental, physical, and social issues in the Latino/a community will also be addressed.

This event takes place during National Hispanic Heritage Month and is a partnership with the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center Community Outreach Program.

Star Wars Fest

Celebrate Star Wars Reads Month by joining us for a Star Wars Fest!

We'll have Star Wars-themed crafts, games, snacks, and fun for all!

Come in costume to make things even more spectacular!