Upcoming Events

Bubbling Boo Bombs!

Make bubbling, exploding boo bombs to celebrate Halloween!

Play & Create the World of Your Dreams

Explore the design game Adapt! This new and exciting tool encourages, supports, and guides us through applying a holistic design process to create the world of our dreams.

Through play we ask productive and practical questions that will lead us towards increased care awareness and implementable solutions.

Explorer, designer, and educator Bridget O’Brien will guide you through this journey. She specializes in Permaculture-based regenerative land use, social structure, and self-care design workshops and coaching, and is the creative developer of the design game called Adapt.

Alzheimer's Association: Legal and Financial Planning for the Future

Katie Peil, LLMSW and Program Coordinator for Alzheimer's Association, Michigan Great Lakes Chapter, and Attorney Lisa Beatty, from the Nawrocki Law Center for Elder Law, Special Needs, and Disability Planning, will present and answer questions on the topic of legal and financial planning for the future.

A diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease can change plans that families have for the future. This program will cover important legal and financial information to consider as the disease progresses and plans are made for the future. Participants will learn more about what legal and financial issues to consider and how to put plans in place.

This event is in partnership with the Alzheimer's Association, Michigan Great Lakes Chapter.

Grief Matters for the Holidays

The Holidays are an especially difficult time for someone who is grieving. This workshop, by Arbor Hospice Grief Support Services, will give you helpful tips for coping with the upcoming holidays.

Find comfort in sharing with others during this time.

Arbor Hospice is a community resource that provides grief support services to any member of our community who has experienced a loss through death. In addition to providing support services to family members who have utilized Arbor Hospice’s services, programs are open to any member of the community who has experienced a loss.

Basic Knife Skills with Keegan Rodgers!

Keegan C. Rodgers, Head Baker at the People's Food Co-Op, leads this hands-on and lively workshop on basic knife skills! In this class, students will learn about knife safety, key knife cuts, and how to properly use, store, and care for high quality knives. Students will also learn the difference between sharpening and honing and get all their questions answered!.

This event is cosponsored by the People's Food Co-Op and is part of an ongoing cooking series.

Conquering Food Cravings with a Raw Diet

Discover nature’s one superfood that can end your cravings.

Ellen Livingston is a certified yoga teacher and has benefited from a raw vegan diet since 2002. Ellen offers yoga and raw food classes in the community and at her home on 5 acres in Ann Arbor. Ellen also offers life coaching and health retreats.

This event is a partnership with the People's Food Co-Op.

Dancing Babies with Robin Robinson

Robin Robinson of RobinSongs For Kids leads a program of music and motion!

Self-Care Through Movement, Mindfulness, and Meditation: Exploring The Macrocosm/Microcosm

Brian Truskowski of BMT Wellness returns with a new spin on his self-care classes.

This class will be a continuation of the previous month’s class, going deeper into comparing inside to outside, exploring the idea of the trinity and its infinite lessons, and seeing the connection/ mirrors of internal to external.

This self-empowerment class is for people who want to go deeper in their lives, connect with a part of themselves they may not know, and do it in a safe space. This monthly series will run through November. The classes will build upon each other, but each class stands on its own, so attendees may join any time.

Brian is a licensed Bodyworker and Massage Therapist in Ann Arbor and a member of the ManKind Project, whose mission is to raise the consciousness of the planet.

Make a Fairy Doll!

Do you just LOVE fairies? We'll show you how to make your own fairy doll.