You Call This Hot, Sonny?

On Wednesday, July 8, 1936, the temperature in Ann Arbor reached 100 degrees. Thursday no relief was in sight so the kids took to the water. By Friday area residents were being felled by the high temperatures. On Saturday, July 11, the weatherman forecast a break in the weather, but he was wrong. The next day temperatures again reached 100. On Tuesday the weatherman again forecast a break in the weather and Wednesday, July 15, relief finally arrived. The two consecutive days of 100+ degrees set a record for Ann Arbor. The high temperature record, however, had been set in July, 1934, 105.2 degrees.


That's pretty hot. Now a days, with technology as it is, we are able to predict the weather so much easier.

That is very hot!!!

Wow! I have no reason to complain about heat anymore!

it was hot

i'm glad i missed it!!

Air conditioning was a life changing invention. Thank goodness

It was so hot that day, I saw a dog chasing a squirrel. ........

And they were both walking.