The African American Cultural & Historical Museum Of Washtenaw County Living Oral History Project

Join AADL and the African American Cultural & Historical Museum of Washtenaw County for this premiere of their Living Oral History Project.

Five community members were identified to initiate the project by participating in a series of professionally filmed and edited.interviews. Interviewees included Rosemarion Blake, Russell Calvert, Lydia Morton, Willis Patterson, and Johnnie Mae Seeley.

The interviews serve as a road map to what African Americans witnessed, experienced, shared, and contributed in building the community we see today. Topics such as race, gender and education equality, faith, housing, employment, community building activities, and infrastructure were presented and discussed, providing a spectrum relevant to issues and concerns within Washtenaw County.

This event will include a short program and an opportunity to speak with those interviewed. Light refreshments will be served. The Oral History project and the video interviews will be available for viewing and download on the Library website following the premiere.


It's awesome that this will

It's awesome that this will be recorded!

Great that the library is playing a role in/supporting this

Glad to see this part of Ann Arbor's history being preserved and made available. The list of people who will be interviewed is impressive and I look forward to sharing this with my high school history students.

Great idea

Individual stories always provide a more intimate look at events than an overview does.