Visitor From Tuebingen Tours Parks

Visitor From Tuebingen Tours Parks
Caption: Visitor From Tuebingen Tours Parks - Touring local parks and natural areas on the Huron River are (left to right) Mrs. Douglas Crary, wife of Second Ward Councilman Douglas Crary; George Owers of the Parks Department; First Ward Councilwoman Eunice Burns; Crary; Prof. George Melchers, director of the Max Planck Institute for Biology in Tuebingen, Germany, Ann Arbor's sister city; S. Sheldon Sproull, superintendent of parks; and Carl Zwinck of the local chapter of the People-To-People program. The tour yesterday was designed to compare parks and river problems in Ann Arbor and Tuebingen and to study possible locations for an international garden along the Huron River. Later in the day the group visited Michigan State University.
Published in Issue: Ann Arbor News, December 11, 1965

Article Keywords: Ann Arbor - City Employees, Ann Arbor Chapter of People-to-People, Ann Arbor City Council, Huron River, Max Planck Institute, Michigan State University, Parks - Ann Arbor, Sister City, Tuebingen Germany
People: Carl Zwinck, Douglas D. Crary, Eunice L. Burns, Georg Melchers, George Owers, Mrs. Douglas D. Crary, S. Sheldon Sproull
Date: December 1965

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Visitor From Tuebingen Tours Parks