Drawing of UFO Sighted at Mannor Farm in 1966

Drawing of UFO Sighted at Mannor Farm in 1966
Caption: How 'It' Looked: This drawing of one of the unidentified flying objects reported over Dexter Township last night was made by Sheriff's Cpl. David B. Severance from descriptions provided by a half-dozen deputies and area residents. All witnesses generally agreed on the shape and size of the objects and on the colored lights which appeared on them.
Published in Issue: Ann Arbor News, March 21, 1966

Article Keywords: 1966 UFO Sightings, Dexter Township, UFOs, Unidentified Flying Objects
People: David B. Severance
Photographer: Eck Stanger
Date: March 1966

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Landing of "Saucer" Reported



That looks like a spot on drawing of the stereotypical old scifi movie UFO. Hmmmm

This is definitely very

This is definitely very scientific.