Halloween in Ann Arbor, 1957

halloween parade, 1957

Here are a few photographs from the Ann Arbor News archive to give you a taste of what Halloween was like in Ann Arbor 50 years ago. The first photo, below, is of a girl trying on a mask in a Main Street dime store. The second photograph is of a boy looking at candy. Both were taken on October 21, 1957. Does anyone recognize the store? Could it have been Kline's? Or maybe Kresge's?

The two photographs at the bottom are from the Burns Park School Halloween Parade in 1957: children marching in the parade ; and, my favorite, the Burns Park band playing in costume.

These are from a dimestore on Main Street, October 21, 1957:

Little girl trying on Halloween masks

Boy looking at candy in dimestore

These are from the Burns Park School Halloween parade, 1957:

Burns Park School Halloween parade, 1957

Band playing in costume, Burns Park School Halloween parade, 1957


It's Kresge's. Thanks to Wystan Stevens, local historian, who pointed out that "Kresge's" is right there on the "Costume" sign in the top photo.

These pictures really drive home the low quality of so many halloween costumes in more recent years. Maybe this year I'll help the kids find the pieces for great halloween costumes!

The costumes are so cute!

So Much CANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wonderful, simpler times!

Wow! That candy display is awesome!

That candy store looks awesome!!